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As an engineering student, research scholars and individual company people will have access to world-class equipments and research facilities at our RVS ETGI, Dindigul campuses. The various facilities available are microscope with Image Analyser, digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester, Double polisher Disc Variable Speed, Dry Belt Grinder.
Microscope with Image Analyser
Digital Micro Vickers hardness tester
Double polisher disc variable speed
Dry belt polisher
Microscope with Image Analyser
Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Model : DMI-Premium
Wide field eyepiece 10x (paired) F.O.V.20mm.
The Epi illuminator has 3W LED lamp adjustable brightness.
Analyzer rotatable at 360 degree, polarizing & Analyzer can be slide in/out of the optical path.
DIGI EYE – High Resolution 1600*1200 CCD Digital Camera 2MP.
Material plus Software.
Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
Accuracy : +/-20 (For 100 to 1500 Vickers) : +/- (for less than 100 Vickers)
Least count of Microscope : 0.000133mm(approx.)
High accuracy and repeatability for all loads.
Measurement Range: 20-1500 Vickers at different weights.
Faster measurement gives higher testing speed.
Small impression of intentor for non destructive testing of finished parts.
Very small loads for thin sheets.
Data entry for serial No, Batch No, Date No.
Optional conversion result faculty for other scales HRC, HRB.
Batch wise reports and statistical reports on display as well as on printer.
Faster measurement gives more productivity.
Auto motorized load cycle with start key.
Double Polisher Disc Variable Speed
Table top design, variable speed model with economy and reliability.
FRP body with east disc-change design.
Front panel with Digital microprocessor based control.
Smooth noise free running.
0.5 HP Single Phase DC Motor 01No.only, 8’’ disc dia.
Standard, flexible water line.
Input 230V AC 50 Hz.
Dry Belt Polisher
Sturdy Table Top Model for Pre-Grinding of Metallurgical Specimen, 1/4HP Single Phase Motor, 1440 RPM, 100mm x 915mm Endless belt mechanical system.
Simplified belt release mechanism.
Easy removable dust cover system.
Size: 19” x 8” x 13”.
½. Emery Cloth Belt for Dry Polishing Size 100 x 915mm endless, Grit 60.

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